Web-dav support in OSX sucks.

Some friends of mine and I are collaborating on a project. Rather than email files back and forth (which is quite lame) we want some kind of central repository where we can put a few documents and each be able to edit them. Whatever we decide to use, it has to be crossplatform. I mostly use OSX on my PowerBook. My friends mostly use Windows.

My first thought was a Wiki, but all of us hate editing in an HTML textarea.

My second thought was web-dav. Since it runs over http or https we can each use it through the proxy servers/ firewalls at our respective employers. Or we can use it from home. Windows supports it (they call it “web folders”), OSX supports it, and it *think* we can even find something decent for using it from Linux.

So I installed mod_dav for apache and configured an authenticated, webdav shared directory. That’s when I discovered that, while the OSX Finder *does* support web-dav, it only supports it over HTTP, not HTTPS. How lame is that?

Back to the old drawing board….

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