Why are there no good LISP IDE’s?

It seems like everyone on the net has been reading Paul Graham lately, and I’m no exception. I’ve been intrigued by his stories of how powerful a language LISP is, and how much it helped him in developing Viaweb.

Paul isn’t the only one singing the praises of Lisp, it’s easy to find plenty of other pages with similar praises for Lisp.

I’ve also seen some descriptions on the internet of some of the IDE’s on the old Lisp machines (see here for a video of someone using InterLisp-D, here for a in depth description of a LISP machine.)

My question is this: Why hasn’t the LISP community made any progress or, from what I can tell, any attempt at recreating the development environment of the old LISP machines? Instead everyone seems to be content using Emacs, but bitching about it a lot.

There is Jabberwocky which looks pretty nice, but it seems to be written in freaking Java!!

The Smalltalk community has done an awesome job, with Squeak Smalltalk, at not only re-creating *their* old IDE, but also improving on it significantly.

If LISP is indeed so powerful then it should be easy to write an IDE, right?

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