Strange posting problem.

I’ve finally figured out the cause of a strange problem I’ve had posting to my blog. I write most of my posts on my PowerBook, then I rsync them over ssh to my server. The problem I’ve been having is that posts I write on my PowerBook haven’t been showing up immediately in Blosxom.

My first thought was that it must be a file ownership or permission problem. So I double checked the Unix permissions on the new post. They were fine. I was stumped by this for a few days *until* I noticed that the *time* on the new posts was about 10 or 20 minutes *ahead* of the time on my web server.

Ah hah! I had found the culprit at last. Blosxom, understandably, doesn’t display posts from the future.

To fix the problem, I installed NTPD on my server to keep the time always synchronized.

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