Two cool unix utils

Found out about two great Unix utils from articles over at About Kim . The first is a standard Unix utility that I’ve never noticed before called “rename”. It lets you rename a group of files according to a pattern. I checked, and it’s included already on both OSX and Fedora, although I had to sudo -su to root first on OSX.

I can’t believe I’ve been using shell loops to do the same thing for all this time and never realized there was a standard command to do it. Judging from the comments to Kim’s post, I’m not the only one who failed to notice this one.

The other post I found really useful was about tcpreen. TCPreen is:

TCPreen is a simple tool to monitor and analyze data transmitted between clients and servers through connection-oriented streams data such as a TCP sessions; it supports TCP over either IPv4 or IPv6. This tool focuses on the data stream (software/socket layer), not on the lower level transmission protocol as packet sniffers do.

TCPreen listens on a TCP port and wait for incoming connections to come in. Then, it forwards data sent by the connecting client to another server port (possibly on another computer) and forwards server responses back to the client.

TCPreen can display data on your console in real-time and/or save it to log files for later reference. Various display formats are available.

While it was originally meant to help developers reverse-engineer TCP-based protocols, it can also be very useful to debug network server or client software or for a system administrator to monitor a TCP service

There have been several times in my career I could have really used that. I’m definately bookmarking that one.

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