802.11i (ie. WPA2) finalized

Looks like the IEEE has finalized the 802.11i standard for wireless security. This is good news. WPA with 802.1x authentication is good, but 802.11i with AES encryption is better.

I first heard about this over at at Slashdot but they only linked to this article that’s rather light on details.

I did some searching and came up with a few links that have some more detail:

  • This PDF has a lot of detail about how AES is used in 802.11i.
  • This PDF from the Wifi Alliance has a little bit of information about 802.11i, which they call WPA2, near the end of the document.
  • This PDF is from a NIST workshop. Looks like it was make from someone’s Powerpoint slides.

I’d love to see the whole standard, but if I understand this page over at the IEEE.org site correctly, IEEE 802 standards aren’t available to the public until 6 months after they are published. Damn!

I certainly haven’t had time to digest all the information in these PDF’s. I’m not an expert on encryption or security protocols and some of these PDF’s are pretty technical, so I’m sure it’ll take me a while just to read through these.

If anyone reading this has links to any other documentation on 802.11i, please email me the URL and I’ll share it on this page. I’d like to learn more about 802.11i, and I think I might need all the help I can get to do so.

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