LVM and upgrading to Fedora Core 2

If you’re running the Linux LVM (Logical Volume Manager) and planning to upgrade to Fedora Core 2, I found a couple of caveats to watch out for.

First, LVM allows you to make physical volumes out of hard drive partitions or out of a whole hard drive. Make sure your physical volumes are all partitions. I tried upgrading a machine this morning that had a whole disk as one of its physical volumes. The Fedora Core 2 install program, Anaconda, complained that it couldn’t read the partition table on the drive.

Second, in your /etc/fstab file, specify any logical volumes by full path name (ie. /dev/vg1/var) and not by label (ie. LABEL=/var). Otherwise Anaconda can’t seem to find the volume to mount it. Note that volume labels work fine for normal partitions, just not for LVM volumes.

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