Trying to learn Scheme

I’ve started trying to learn Scheme, so I’ve installed the DrScheme environment on my PowerBook and I’ve also read through Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days.

While I was reading Teach Yourself Scheme, it seemed like a very good book, very clear and concise. But then I started trying to learn how to use the Continuations-based Servlet library that PLT Scheme has for writing web based applications and I found out that I’ve still got a ways to go to really understanding Scheme.

I’ve managed to modify some of the example servlets that come with PLT Scheme, but I still don’t feel comfortable enough to start developing something of my own. I think I know enough to be able to *read* basic Scheme programs, but not enough to know how to go about writing my own programs in Scheme.

I’m trying now to decide whether to read How To Design Programs or Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. HTDP looks *so* basic it might be hard not to get bored. On the other hand SICP looks quite hard. Any suggestions?

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