Gentoo MacOS Considered Harmful

I read with some interest this post on Slashdot regarding Gentoo MacOS. Apparently the fine folks at Gentoo have ported their package tool (Portage) to run under Mac OSX. You can then use Portage to compile and install a wide variety of Unix program on OSX.

Great! I thought. Fink does something very similar, but uses Debian based tools. I’m a total Unix geek, so I use Fink a *lot* to install some of my favorite Unix Free Software onto my OSX Powerbook. Competition is always good, so I was initially looking forward to trying Gentoo MacOS.

Until, that is, I read this little gem on their webpage:

Gentoo MacOS is very new and very Alpha. Portage installs things in / and could possibly overwrite important packages that were installed by OS X. Use this technology at your own risk!”

WTF? I’m hoping this is just an Alpha version problem and they’re planning to fix it. Because allowing a third party program to overwrite OSX installed system binaries is mind numbingly stupid.

Gentoo MacOS should work like Fink, and install all of it’s software to a separate subdirectory and leave the original OS files *alone*. Overwriting the vendor supplied binaries is just inviting disaster.

Until they get this fixed, I certainly won’t be installing Gentoo MacOS on *my* Mac. And I recommend that everyone else avoid it also.

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