Quicksilver is awesome!

If you own a Mac, you owe it to yourself to try out QuickSilver. It’s free of cost, although unfortunately it’s not Free Software. But it is very cool.

What is it? The guys who make it call it “An evolving framework for accessing and manipulating many forms of personal data”. Which sounds like complete gibberish to me. I’ve also heard it referred to as an enhanced program launcher, a dock enhancer, or a dock replacement. But I think those descriptions fall short of it’s full capabilities. I like to think of it as a revolutionary combination of a tradition command line interface and a GUI interface. The first real GUI/CLI hybrid.

The documentation on the Quicksilver website is O.K. but there are a couple really good tutorials on the net that Quicksilver users/fans have written, and I these are really the best way to get an idea of what Quicksilver really can do. Here are links to a few Quicksilver tutorials I think are really good:

Quicksilver – A better OS X in just 10 minutes

Quicksilver – A better OS X in just 10 minutes (part 2)

43 Folders Quicksilver section (This one is a series of blog posts about Quicksilver, so you probably want to read the posts from the bottom of the page first and work your way up to the top).

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