Hipster PDA wallet?

As popular as Hipster PDA’s have become, I’m amazed that nobody seems to be marketing a nice little wallet or case for carrying your 3×5 index cards in.

I currently use a small 3×5 spiral notebook as my mobile inbox. I’ve considered replacing or augmenting it with a Hipster PDA, but the whole little metal clip thing bugs me. It *looks* to me like it would be difficult/annoying to try to write on any pages below the top page. It also looks like the clip would be uncomfortable in your back pocket.

I’d love to find a nice, inexpensive leather or pseudo-leather wallet/folder to carry the index cards in. Then I could take advantage of the cool DIY PDA templates or the 3×5 cards printed by GTDTiddlywiki. If anyone out there knows of something like that that’s already on the market, please email me.

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