Blosxom creator abandons blosxom?

Well, this is
interesting. Rael Dornfest, the creater of the often imitated Blosxom weblogging tool has apparently
abandoned Blosxom for Typo! One of the reasons this is interesting to me is that I’ve been looking at alternatives to Blosxom for a while, and Typo has been
one of the system at the top of my list for consideration.

Blosxom got a lot of mindshare when it first came out because of its minimalist “back to basics” design. But as I’ve found out (this blog runs on Blosxom), that minimalism comes at a cost. In theory, adding new features to a Blosxom blog should be just a matter of installing a plugin. In practice, some plugins aren’t completely compatible with each other, the level of quality also varies widely between plugins, and some plugins are just downright a pain in the *ss to install.

Another interesting aspect of this story is that Blosxom is a Perl app, Typo is build with Ruby on Rails. Other posts on Raels blog seem to indicate he’s doing some work with Ruby on Rails. If that’s true, he seems to be yet another Perl program switching to Ruby.

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