NY Times fearmongering about recruiters searching MySpace and Facebook

Via Slashdot, I found the following article from the New York Times about recruiters and HR departments supposedly researching prospective candidates using social networking sites like MySpace. When articles like this first started coming out about employers “googling” prospective candidates, I used to worry a bit about it. But I don’t anymore. For one, I think that the writers of these articles are *vastly* exagerating how common this is. “Googling” someone you know sounds easy enough but in practice it turns out that most people have very common names. Doing a Google search for my own name, for example, turns up lots of results, 99.9% of which are NOT me. IMHO, any prospective employer stupid enough not to realize the danger of finding the wrong “Joe Smith” is not worth working for.

I’m also not sure I’d want to work for someone who is that willing to spy on my private life and judge my off work behavior by on the job standards.

And of course, admission of illegal drug use didn’t stopped either of our last two US Presidents from getting their jobs. 🙂

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