Moving offscreen windows in MSWindows

Here’s an interesting tidbit.  How do you move a window that’s completely offscreen?

I run into this problem from time to time.  My work computer is a laptop.  When I’m in the office, I run it in dual monitor mode with my windows desktop extended across both my desktop LCD panel and the laptops built in LCD.   But of course when I’m away from my desk the laptop LCD is the only monitor.   You would think that Windows would be smart enough to automatically move all of the open windows around so that the ones that were on the no longer connected second monitor would be moved to the remaining monitor, but you’d be wrong.  This can cause an odd problem where the windows that were on the second monitor are no longer accessible!

The solution turns out to be this:

Right click on the task bar button for the application.  From the popup menu, click Move.  Then hit any one of the arrow keys on the keyboard.  That will cause the offscreen window to “snap” to the mouse cursor.  Now you can move it wherever you want!

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