Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno – First Impressions

I’ve decided to learn a little bit of electronics and possibly build a few robots with my sons. To that end I ordered an Ardunino Uno microcontroller, a breadboard, and some misc electronic parts.

I got the Uno, the breadboard and some breadboard jumper wires from Amazon in order to use a gift certificate I’ve had lying around forever. The rest of the stuff I ordered from Sparkfun, which is an electronics hobbiest store up in Boulder that seems to be pretty well regarded.

I got some LED’s, some resistors, a push button switch, a transistor, a diode, a servo, a light sensing resistor, and a pressure sensitive resistor. I also got a little aluminum robot claw type gripper that looked to cool to pass up. The servo I bought should mount up to the claw to move it, and I think I’m going to try to glue the pressure sensor to the claw to give it the ability to sense when it’s closing on something.

What the Arduino arrived, I was surprised at just how *small* it really is. For some reason it always looks bigger in the pictures I’ve seen on the net. Here’s a picture of it sitting on a dollar bill for size reference.

It was also very nicely, though minimally, packaged. No instructions of any sort though. IMHO, a quickstart guide that at least refers you to the website would have been a good idea.

I’ll probably take some pictures of the Sparkfun Claw soon. There are a lot of complaints in the Sparkfun comments about how difficult it is to mount the medium servo that’s recommend onto the Claw. I *think* I’ve pretty much got it worked out. I’ll take some pictures in the next few days and post some details on how I got it working. Maybe that’ll help a few other people.

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