C# from a Java Developer’s Perspective v2.0

 Here’s a great resource for anyone who ever has to switch back and forth between Java and C#.  Dare Obasanjo has written a comprehensive comparison/rosetta stone for the two languages called C# from a Java Developer’s Perspective v2.0. Even if you’re firmly in one language camp or the other, it’s interesting to see how certain things are done by the “opposition”.  Definitely worth bookmarking.


GPL’ed Java

It’s funny to read articles like this one where big close source companies like Oracle and IBM are complaining about Sun’s decision to release Java under the GPL. What makes it amusing is how both sides tap dance around their real motivations and instead talk about whether Sun is “alienating” the Apache and Eclipse community or aligning with the Linux and Gnu communities, blah blah blah.


Any idiot can see the real reason IBM and Oracle are pissed that Java will be released under the GPL instead of the Apache license. It’s the same reason Microsoft frequently attacks the GPL and praises the BSD license. IBM and Oracle are pissed because the Apache license would have allowed them to take Sun’s Java code, stuff it into their proprietary products (like WebSphere) and give nothing back.

Sun’s decision to release Java under the GPL is the right decision for Java and for the Free Software community. By releasing Java under the GPL, Sun is keeping the playing field level for *all* players.